Webinar: 5 Reasons to Go Beyond the Native IBM i Scheduler

Topics Discussed

  • How dependencies and advanced conditions can improve automation
  • Reducing the time to identify and respond to job related issues and failures
  • How you can improve compliance with audit requirements
  • Automating areas you may never have thought of
  • How to improve developer efficiency
  • Benefits of setting custom calendars for your processing

Watch our Webinar

In this webinar we discuss 5 reasons why your company should move beyond the native IBM i Job Scheduler to a more robust scheduling platform.

With the native IBM i scheduler your company may be able to fulfill some of your current scheduling needs, but with growth in demand of information and the need to reduce scheduling errors, having a more automated scheduling process can benefit your company and staff. Whether you are using the IBM native scheduler or an in-house developed solution, a third-party scheduler improves automation, reduces job failures, and increases visibility across all systems for IT personnel. 

John is a recognized specialist in operations and job scheduling, and has been in the IT industry for over 20 years. He has held positions as an Operations Manager, a Management Design Supervisor and a Senior Business Analyst. In the past year, John joined Software Engineering of America, a world leader in z Systems and IBM i software products and expertise, as a Senior IBM i Technical Sales & Support Engineer.

John Ferraro

Webinar Host