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JCL Testing Engineered for the Z DevOps Enterprise

Ensuring the accelerated adoption of modernized JCL testing services is more important than ever, as Build and Run teams with new personnel and limited experience on the Z platform must develop, test, and release a growing inventory of quality source code and scripting languages within the CI/CD paradigm. 

How does a DevOps Enterprise leverage proven investments in mainframe testing capabilities, while increasing velocity to Quality delivery?

This recorded webinar explores why modernized JCL Testing Services must be:

  • Predictive of target system run time outcome
  • Shared and Assessable from any requester (Green Screen, Eclipse UI, Java Client, REST API)   
  • Designed to attract Adoption of your Eclipse UI
  • Engineered to create, store and produce defect avoidance Metrics necessary for the ongoing proactive defect elimination activities of Build and Run teams
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