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DevOps on the Mainframe: Managing the Cultural Divide

In this webinar we will discuss some of the unique challenges and opportunities in adopting a DevOps (Build/Test/Deploy “To Prod”) approach on the mainframe and solutions that leverage the strengths of both “mind sets” in accelerating delivery and improving quality.

The traditional mindset regarding Release and Development (especially in the mainframe world) is to protect quality and availability by limiting change. The challenge with this approach is that the paradigm around agile development and continuous integration is based on the requirement to deliver high quality working product quickly. It’s interesting to note that this topic often surfaces when ITIL (Deploy) and Agile (Build/Test) camps meet.

Although most would agree that you don’t often find attributes of traditional mainframe applications that make them less suited to a purely agile culture, it’s worth considering that a significant inhibitor to end-to-end DevOps (Build/Test/Deploy “to prod”) is cultural.

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