Webinar: Enabling JCL & Sysout Capabilities in your Eclipse Development Environment

As Data Centers are constantly evolving, they are becoming more and more complex. Monitoring and execution of daily, weekly or even monthly tasks are becoming even more difficult for the typical IT administrator or manager. We are constantly hearing terms such as 'automation' and 'lights out' being thrown into the mix more often than not. Receiving ample notifications on failed overnight processes or exceptions thrown by critical programs are vitally important for timely remediation with minimal or no impact on the next production window.

Job Control Language (JCL) continues to play a key role within this new development paradigm. Yet, as DevOps and “Shift Left” initiatives place greater emphasis on finding and fixing defects earlier in the testing process, the lack of inherent JCL testing tools within the IDE framework is painfully apparent. The capability to proactively perform a run-time simulation of the Production JCL environment and easily search and view output from test runs, is critical to achieving quality sooner and avoiding the costs associated with JCL syntax and runtime errors. 

Enter your email to watch our z Systems webinar: "Enabling JCL & Sysout Capabilities in your Eclipse Development Environment". We will be exploring SEA's batch / Sysout practice and framework, current Eclipse Plugin solutions available,  as well as current trends and best practices to keep an eye on.

In this webinar you will discover and learn:

  • SEA batch / Sysout practice and framework
  • SEA Eclipse Plugin solutions
  • Eclipse batch testing cases  
    -JCL Validation and run-time simulation  
    -Job Execution order defect discovery 
    -Java Batch testing tools  
  • How to view your archive JCL Sysout from
    an Eclipse IDE
  • Trends and future directions

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The Importance of JCL Testing

Sal is a recognized expert in batch optimization and JCL Development. He is a 40 year IT industry veteran who has held positions with CA as the Vice President of Global Mainframe Practices, as well as with Diversified Software as the Vice President of Operability Services. For the last 7 years, Sal has led the Implementation Services and Support organizations for Software Engineering of America, a world leader in z Systems and IBM i software products and expertise.

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