z/Os 2.3: Is your JCL & Batch Environment keeping pace with the latest OS Update?

Are you ready for the changes that come with the release of IBM’s z/Os 2.2 and the latest z/Os 2.3 OS release? While many companies spend a significant time understanding the new features and enhancements when a new OS comes out, many times changes as they relate to an organizations JCL Management strategy get left behind.

Watch this webinar to see us discuss the key changes and modifications in the latest OS releases and how they impact your JCL & Batch environment.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The critical components to achieving and maintaining optimal service delivery
  • The impact of “false positives’ in the testing process
  • Examples and discussion of some of the new JES and JCL statements available in z/OS 2.3
  • JCL Management process changes you might consider
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